What Have We Here?

The intent is to have a place to write. People tell me that I have interesting stories; perhaps they're right, but even if not, I'm ready to start to let some of them go. The other intent is to have a low-risk place to practice/play with Drupal, exploring the possibilities of what may be.

The problem I've always had with writing is that I edit as I write. I also believe that what appears should be perfect forever. The two together are nearly paralyzing. So I'm going to experiment here with shorter and longer entries, and will likely edit things over time. The edits may be minor, with a higher likelihood of being made directly in the original post, or major, which may result in a complete re-write/re-post. I guess that's one advantage here: I get to decide.

My interests are really quite wide-ranging--"I see shiny things"--so there's really no telling what I might find interesting next.

Feel free to comment if you wish. Unless and until it stops being fun, I'd welcome a chance to interact.